Friday, February 12, 2016

Vassar College Students for Justice in Palestine lauds Leila Khaled, terrorist hijacker

As before, in the spring of 2014, Vassar SJP just doesn't know when to stop. This t-shirt, with the image of Leila Khaled and the caption "resistance is not terrorism," is going to be sold at their events. by an organization called Existence is Resistance.

Leila Khaled was involved in the hijacking of two airplanes in 1969 and 1970. She is a member of the PFLP - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Wikipedia article on her gives information about both of the hijackings:
On August 29, 1969, Khaled was part of a team that hijacked TWA Flight 840 on its way from Rome to Athens, diverting the Boeing 707 to Damascus. She claims she ordered the pilot to fly over Haifa, so she could see her birthplace, which she could not visit.[10] No one was injured, but the aircraft was blown up after hostages had disembarked.

On September 6, 1970, Khaled and Patrick Argüello, a Nicaraguan-American, attempted the hijack of El Al Flight 219 from Amsterdam to New York City as part of the Dawson's Field hijackings, a series of almost simultaneous hijackings carried out by the PFLP. The attack was foiled, when Israeli skymarshals killed Argüello before eventually overpowering Khaled. Although she was carrying two hand grenades at the time, Khaled said she had received very strict instructions not to threaten passengers on the civilian flight.[10] (Argüello shot a member of the flight crew.)[13] 
The pilot diverted the aircraft to Heathrow airport in London, where Khaled was delivered to Ealing police station. On October 1, the British government released her in exchange for hostages taken in a further hijacking.[14]"
A fine hero for SJP at Vassar to have - an airplane hijacker who managed to avoid jail. Apparently the people in the two planes that she hijacked - TWA 840 and El Al 219 - don't matter to them. The terrorist, not the victims, is the one they laud. They don't appear to be able to imagine themselves as the terrified passengers, wondering what was going to happen to them when armed attackers take over their planes. No, what they like is "sweet fucking antiZionist gear."

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  1. Thank you Rebecca for speaking out in this truth-distorted world....Yehudit (Jerusalem)

    1. wow! thats so cool i found idiots ! gosh if you dumb asses dont know shit pls stop spreading lies ! the israelis kill and rape everday million of children and you assholes stand there and talk shit about people who are neutral about other people ! how about reading some books before talking nonsense. i am so happy that some people like that dude have a brain to think criticaly ! thank god !!

  2. The Israelis kill and rape millions of children every day? What a remarkable assertion - do you have any evidence for this particularly idiotic statement? Who are you, "unknown"?