Monday, April 01, 2024

Angry mob outside synagogue protests presentation by Zaka

 "Within Our Lifetime" has now outdone themselves. 

Together with American Muslims for Palestine they organized a demonstration today against a synagogue in Teaneck, NJ, that was hosting a presentation by Zaka. (It was really an angry mob, not a peaceful demonstration).

Zaka is the Israeli organization that goes to sites of traffic accidents and terrorist attacks, in order to collect the human remains that need to be buried according to Jewish law. Zaka members were among those who took care of the bodies of those murdered by Hamas on October 7, and some of them spoke about the marks of atrocious violence that they saw on the bodies.

This is the poster for the demo. It gives the address, but carefully avoids mentioning that the location is a synagogue.

Twitter post about the protest:

Here's video of the protest:


  1. This is antisemitism - pure and simple. I say that as someone who opposes what Israel is doing in Gaza.