Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Israelis fighting for democracy - the 21st week of protests

I've been in Israel since Friday, May 19th, and on Saturday night after Shabbat I went with friend to the pro-democracy rally in front of the President's house (בית הנשיא). I went again this past Saturday night. During that rally some people were carrying Palestinian flags, and after the rally was over, the police moved in and wrested them from their hands. It's not illegal to fly the Palestinian flag in Israel, but the police had clearly been ordered to take them. (One of the most right-wing cabinet ministers, Itamar Ben-Gvir, is in charge of the national security ministry, and thus the Israel Police).

 Some photos from both rallies:

"There's no democracy with occupation"

The sign starts with "Before they took the Palestinian flags...."

"From the Jordan to the (Mediterranean) Sea, equality for all"

One of the distinctive features of these demonstrations is that the protestors carry Israeli flags.

From the demonstration on May 20: several people at the front of the march were wearing giant dinosaur costumes and carrying signs that read: "Save human rights from extinction"