Liepaja, Latvia, and the Holocaust

This is a list of posts in this blog that discuss Liepaja, Latvia, and the Holocaust:

Letters from the Past (July 3, 2003) - on my discovery of the letters sent to my grandfather by Mordechai Falkon, Sima Shlosberg, and Gittel Falkon Kagan.

Yom ha-Shoah - Mordekhai Falkon (April 25, 2006) - thoughts on my great-great uncle, killed in Liepaja, Latvia in July, 1941.

Welcome to Avaslan (May 14, 2006) - about the family website put up by Brian Friedman, whose family is also from Courland, Latvia (the region of Latvia in which Liepaja is located).

Google Earth image - Liepaja (November 18, 2007) - finding Liepaja on Google Earth.

A Day in Riga - the Jews of Riga in the Holocaust (July 23, 2010) - on my trip to Riga in July, 2010.

Libau and Skede - Remembrances of the Past (July 28, 2010) - on my trip to Liepaja/Libau in July 2010.

Other blog posts about various aspects of the Holocaust

Visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (July 27, 2004) - about my visit to the museum during the course of a visit to Washington, D.C., to protest the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

Jews blaming ourselves for the Holocaust (June 26, 2005) - this post began as a comment on a statement by Toby Katz (on another blog) which seemed to blame Jews for our own persecution, but then segued into a discussion of Rabbi Kalonymous Kalman Shapira, a Hasidic rabbi who led his followers even in the Warsaw Ghetto and eventually died at the hands of the Nazis.

Holocaust in Ukraine (October 6, 2007) - on recent research on the Holocaust in Ukraine by a Catholic priest, Father Patrick Desbois.

Who is Ernst Zundel? (October 27, 2007) - on the German neo-Nazi Holocaust denier, who lived in Canada for many years but was finally deported to Germany, where he stood trial on charges of Holocaust denial, was convicted, and sent to prison.

Mahatma Gandhi and the Jews (January 10, 2008) - on Gandhi's recommendation to German Jews that they non-violently resist Nazi oppression.

New York Times on the Establishment of Dachau, March, 1933 (April 4, 2010) - presentation of a New York Times article on the establishment of the concentration camp.

Yom ha-Shoah (April 12, 2010) - thoughts about the Holocaust on Yom ha-Shoah, and about two observances I attended: a presentation on "Hidden Art from the Holocaust" at Temple Beth El, and a staged reading of the play "Kindertransport" at Ithaca College.

"Among the Righteous" (April 12, 2010) - discussion of film screened on PBS about the Nazi treatment of Jews in the North Africa, including stories about Arabs who saved Jews.

Touring Copenhagen - Resistance Museum (August 1, 2010) - on my visit to the Resistance Museum in Copenhagen, and thoughts on the Danish rescue of the Jews from the Nazi attempt to send them to the east.

Newspaper articles about the Jews of Liepaja

New Looks at the Fields of Death for Jews - from the New York Times, April 19, 2009, on new research done at Yad Vashem on little known locations and events of Nazi massacres of Jews, including in Liepaja.

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