Paul Eisen & Stephen Sizer

Paul Eisen has deleted this page from his website, and it's expired from the Google cache, so I thought it would be useful to save it here to have evidence of his support for Stephen Sizer. Lucy Lips wrote about this for Harry's Place:

Eisen is a board member of Deir Yassin Remembered and is also a Holocaust denier, as he writes in My Life as a Holocaust Denier, published on his own blog and also on the "Righteous Jews" website, My Life as a Holocaust Denier (this website was set up by Deir Yassin Remembered). See also a more recent article, entitled, How I Became a Holocaust Denier.

On the front page of the Righteous Jews site there is an advertisement for a book (published in 2004 by Melisende) - Speaking the Truth: Zionism, Israel, and Occupation, edited by Michael Prior, with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Perusing the table of contents we can see the kind of company that Stephen Sizer is keeping, which includes both Paul Eisen and Daniel McGowan (also a Holocaust denier, and the Executive Director of Deir Yassin Remembered). Eisen's article has been published on the Righteous Jews site - Speaking the Truth to Jews. Stephen Sizer's article is on Christian Zionism.