Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My thanks to Rua da Judiaria for naming my blog on his "Magen David'Ouro Os Melhores Blogs de 2004." I appreciate the boost - now, can you tell me what this means in Portuguese?


  1. I don't speak Portuguese, but based on what I know of other Romantic tongues, I'd guess "Star-of-David Best Blogs of 2004," myself. Mazal tov!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Let me give a hand on your question about Portuguese...
    In fact I am a Brazilian, studying apocalyptic literature in Oxford (DPhil with Chris Rowland). I read your book on ritual practices to gain power since I study preparation for visions in apocalyptic. I also put a link to your blog on my project's Web site (www.pej-unb.org).
    This said... "Rua da Judiaria" stands for Jews' Street, something vaguely resembling a ghetto in old Portuguese towns (i.e. a place where Jewish dwellers would concentrate). And they awarded you a distinction (named after a famous Portuguese Jew, apparently - I do not know the name... Hope this makes you happy!



  3. It means the "Gold Star of David - the Best Blogs of 2004".