Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pulsa Denura, again

I was reading through my referral logs, and noticed that the most frequent search term that gets my blog is "pulsa denura" or "Ariel Sharon pulsa denura." I guess that people around the world (Russia, Hungary, Israel, Canada, and the U.S. according to their IP addresses) are wondering if Sharon's stroke is as a result of the supposed curse inflicted against him last summer by Rabbi Yossi Dayan and his band of fanatics. One referral is from Judapest, a blog in Hungarian, which I can't read, so I don't know if the posting is neutral, just about the curse, or if there's a political or religious slant to it.

In any case, although I study Jewish magic and mysticism, I do not believe that Sharon's stroke was caused by supernatural intervention - he, like the rest of us, is subject to all the frailties of the flesh, and has fallen victim to a natural weakness.

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