Saturday, August 05, 2006

Israel's Lost Moment

Charles Krauthammer publically asserts that the reason Israel is fighting Hizbollah is for the sake of the United States' grand strategic plan in the Middle East. I must say, this is one of the most disgustingly cynical pieces of claptrap that I have seen since this war broke out. Some quotes:

"Israel's leaders do not seem to understand how ruinous a military failure in Lebanon would be to its relationship with America, Israel's most vital lifeline."

I was under the opinion that Israel was fighting to defend its own citizens and to try to reduce the threat Hizbollah offers to it - not fighting to make some kind of point to American neoconservatives.

"Hezbollah's unprovoked attack on July 12 provided Israel the extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate its utility by making a major contribution to America's war on terrorism. America's green light for Israel to defend itself is seen as a favor to Israel. But that is a tendentious, misleadingly partial analysis. The green light - indeed, the encouragement - is also an act of clear self-interest. America wants, America needs, a decisive Hezbollah defeat."

So now Israel is fighting America's war on terrorism - how about Israel's own war against terrorism?

"Unlike many of the other terrorist groups in the Middle East, Hezbollah is a serious enemy of the United States. In 1983 it massacred 241 American servicemen. Except for al-Qaeda, it has killed more Americans than any other terror organization."

If Hizbollah is such a serious enemy of the United States, perhaps we should be sending our own troops into southern Lebanon to fight Hizbollah? No? I didn't think that Krauthammer was advocating that - he wants Israeli soldiers and Israeli civilians (not to mention Lebanese civilians) to die for the sake of the grand strategy that he has wholeheartedly embraced.

And what is the real point of this opinion article - that Ehud Olmert "has provided unsteady and uncertain leadership." "His search for victory on the cheap has jeopardized not just the Lebanon operation but America's confidence in Israel as well."

Ah, so the U.S. should support Israel only when it's strong, or perceived to be strong. I guess all those moral arguments for supporting "the only democracy in the Middle East" are just so much bullshit.

And what would demonstrate Israel's strength? Carpet bombing Lebanon? Sending the Israeli army all the way to Beirut? Making sure that hundreds of Israeli soldiers die, and thousands of Lebanese civilians? Sorry, we've already had that war, let's not redo 1982.


  1. "Carpet bombing Lebanon?"

    I keep reading that that's what Israel is doing, anyway. "Carpet-bombing Beirut," anyway.

    Along with "destroying Lebanon" and having "destroyed Beirut," etc.

    I can't say just how depressed I am by the liberal blogosphere and 98% of my non-Jewish blogging friends in the past couple of weeks.

    Every negative report about Israel is instantly absolutely believed. Who knew that Amir Peretz was such a neo-conservative Likud war-mongering war criminal, with such a thirst for Arab blood?

    Apparently Israels just woke up on July 13th, and thought it was a good idea to commence launching genocide against Lebanese and Palestinians, on whim, for no particular reason, save that they've been so very much waiting for the chance. According to many.

    Of course, by saying anything like this, I'm demonstrating what a crazed rightwinger I am, myself, apparently. Who knew?

  2. Yes, Gary Farber, the crazed, hmm, thoughtful, hmm, conservative? liberal? the man who has many opinions. I've been avoiding the liberal blogosphere (not that I ever read Daily Kos) for the most part. I am starting to think, honestly, that I am not even a liberal - I long since stopped being a leftist. I've been tempted to drop my Democratic party registration recently, although I imagine that I will still mostly vote Democratic.

  3. "not that I ever read Daily Kos"

    Neither do I, except on extremely rare occasion that I'll read a very specific post that someone linked to, for very good reason.

    What has me down isn't the reactions of the more flaming, loudmouthed, types, that I pretty much ignore anyway; it's the reactions of so many, the overwhelming majority, of the thoughtful, calm types, who simply seem to be amazingly unskeptical of any and all claims of Israeli "atrocities" and war crimes.

    Not, of course, that I in any way advocate automatic acceptance of the notion that Israel hasn't committed any, either; as we know, Israelis can certainly commit crimes, and I know we agree that any plausible allegations should be investigated, and anyone who is guilty should be thoroughly punished.

    It's just that I kinda think that investigations are needed, not automatic assumptions that the worst must be true, any more than one should automatically assume that they can't be true.

    But enough; I could go on like this for quite a while. (Although if you're up for a phone conversation, this might be a nice time, tonight or this week.)