Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Even more snow!

Well, I didn't manage to take any pictures, but I did just come back inside from shoveling the walk a third time today. I think about 2 feet of snow fell last night and today. A lot to shovel. The end of the street where my house is has not yet been plowed at all, in fact was plowed in by the snowplow going down the bigger street, so I think I'll probably have to take the bus to work tomorrow. (Somehow I don't think we can expect a second snow day....)

It's so quiet outside too. Just some light snow falling, occasional wind gusts, and every now and then a car. I live fairly close to one of the major highways that goes by Ithaca, and I can usually hear cars on it - but not now!

My cat will come over and jump on me and miaow, making me think that he wants to go outside, but every time I give him the opportunity, he sits in the doorway and just stares at all the snow.

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