Thursday, May 17, 2007

'It's dangerous inside and outside'

An AP reporter who lives in Gaza, Ibrahim Barzak, reports on the current horrendous fighting in Gaza between Fatah and Hamas:
With battles raging outside my building, and my windows blown out by bullets, I sit in a dark hallway outside my apartment with my wife and baby. It's dangerous inside and outside.

Today I have seen people shot before my eyes, I heard the screams of terrified women and children in a burning building, and I argued with gunmen who wanted to take over my home.

I have seen a lot in my years as a journalist in Gaza, but this is the worst it's been....

There have been clashes between Hamas and Fatah before, but there are dangerous new elements this time. Now they are arresting or even shooting people for the way they look. If you have a beard, you might be arrested by Fatah security for looking Islamic. If you have a chain around your neck or on your arm, Hamas gunmen might shoot you because you look secular....

I saw several people shot right in front of my home today. I'm preparing myself for even worse violence.

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