Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama and the Jews

The second piece of depressing news today comes from this article on the Washington Post website - Obama Rebuffs Challenges on His Israel Stance.

It's really infuriating to me that some Jews have started to believe the disgusting rumors passed around about Obama - that he's anti-semitic, anti-Israel, "really" a Muslim who studied in a madrassa in Indonesia, etc. In the debate the other day, Obama did everything he could possibly do to state his support of Israel and his contempt for anti-semitism.

Asked by moderator Tim Russert what he could do to reassure Jewish Americans, Obama cited his belief that Israel's security is "sacrosanct." He also said he has strong support in the Jewish community because of his opposition to anti-Semitism and his efforts to rebuild the relationship between Jews and African Americans.

I found his remarks quite moving, especially when he talked about wanting to rebuild the relationship between Jews and Blacks. It was quite refreshing to hear him talk honestly about the fact that there have been significant tensions between Jews and Blacks over the past several decades. It's this kind of honesty that makes me support Obama.

So why do some Jews so enthusiastically accept Hagee's support, when what he's really hoping for is an apocalyptic war that will kill most Jews in the world, and the same people then denounce Obama for supposedly being anti-Israel? Is there something wrong with their perceptions of reality?

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  1. Good question. I suppose I would consider a Jew who accepts the support of Hagee (and thanks for educating me as to who he is) to be pretty much hopeless, politically.

    As for Jews and Obama, a look at the numbers shows that he ran pretty well with us on Super Tuesday (albeit not as well as I would like to see).