Saturday, March 01, 2008

What Hagee really believes about Jews

Bruce Wilson of the Talk to Action blog has posted a long story about John Hagee's views about Jews - in which it becomes quite clear that he is anti-semitic in so many ways! And this man not only has endorsed McCain for president (and had his endorsement enthusiastically welcomed by McCain), but has also been welcomed by AIPAC (at their annual conference last year). Why are our so-called Jewish "leaders" so oblivious to the dangerous flaws of the people they've embraced as our "friends"?

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  1. I think a post I did a while ago might be relevant (though I think criticism might make it stronger). Because the Jewish community is not collectively powerful, leaders have to be palatable to groups with more power. I think this creates a tendency to become representatives to rather than for Jews. (It might also have some roots -this is only a guess- in the Western European/Eastern European, assimilated/immigrant divisions in Jewish-American history -but if true that could be a different way of saying the same thing.)