Thursday, July 24, 2008

At home with the family

I'm currently sitting in my family's vacation home in Westport, Mass., and my niece is trying to persuade my father ("Grandpa") and my brother (her father) to get them help her pay for a new MacBook. There are three of us sitting here and working on our laptops - and Eve (my stepmother) just took a photo of all of us working on our computers (although to tell the truth I think that only my brother is actually working). It's rather amusing here.

Outside, it's cool and rather humid - quite a change from hot and dry Jerusalem.

My niece is trying her best persuasive arguments but hasn't quite made the sale yet.


  1. best get an eee pc or the MSI Wind, Linux is the future

    and they are much, much cheaper

  2. Well, I'm not so sure that that would work either as a sales pitch to my father.

  3. OK,

    an argument might be:

    MAC is an old hat, a PC dressed up with Apples operating system, which you pay a premium for

    EEE PC and MSI Wind are new, small and run the most stable operating system out there: Linux

    applications are plentiful and free

  4. The Mac runs with Unix under the hood, anyway. And is almost twice as expensive.

    Pretty, though.

  5. indeed it does, but then again it is NOT open source

    if I remember it was based on Mach, a microkernel

    but my point was that I think the ability to get one of 1,000+ applications from a repo with a few commands kinda wins out, as they are free

    I tend to use MEPIS a lot, but there's a lot of good distros around, see distrowatch

    and if you're stuck, WINE is handy for running the odd windows app, if needed