Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sounds of a Jerusalem night plus moon photos

I've been reading the updates from my friends' Facebook pages - those who live in Ithaca - and apparently it's been cold and rainy nonstop. In Jerusalem, on the other hand, it's hot - 35 C this afternoon. I'm living in a small apartment - one room, to be exact, so when I'm home (and awake) I usually leave the door open to the garden. (Unless it's the middle of the day and hot outside). Right now I'm catching whatever breeze there is and listening to the night sounds of Jerusalem.

I hear the breeze rustling the leaves of the pomegranate tree in the garden or the fir tree or palm trees across the street; music in the distance from some outdoor event, which gets louder or softer depending on the wind; sirens in the distance, probably from an ambulance; a few minutes ago, the Muslim call to prayer, again borne by the wind; sounds from the neighbor's apartment; the general roar of the city, composed of cars and trucks driving as well as everything else; a few faint bird calls; a car horn also in the distance; a car driving down this narrow street. Earlier in the evening - a man standing out on the street talking on his cellphone; the kids next door yelling. Now a truck careering down the street with a load on its back.

Palm Tree

Yesterday or the day before I took some photos of the moon - and some of them came out quite well, much to my surprise.

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