Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jewish building in East Jerusalem

The fruits of Jewish settlement in Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem:

Molotov cocktails thrown in Silwan, 10 injured
After house demolition in King's Garden project announced, disturbances noted in Silwan streets for days straight. Some 200 people riot, throw stones, Molotov cocktails at police, Jewish house. 'Red line crossed,' says senior Border Guard official

Disturbances in Silwan continue. Some 200 people started rioted Sunday in the Silwan neighborhood of east Jerusalem. The rioters threw stones at dozens of Border Guard and police officers on the site. Six policemen were lightly injured, as were four security guards at the Jewish house.
Construction at Sheikh Jarrah begins
Just days ahead of Netanyahu-Obama meeting, builders start 20 Jewish homes in east Jerusalem

Construction in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah began Sunday, just a few days before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled to meet with the US president.

The controversial construction plans, set at the site of the Shepherd Hotel, surfaced on the eve of Netanyahu's previous meeting with Barack Obama three months ago, embarrassing the Israeli government.

Channel 10 reported Sunday that bulldozers had already arrived at the site, intended for 20 new Jewish homes.

Netanyahu has much to account for during his meeting with Obama, with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's controversial 'King's Garden' plan in Silwan. The plan orders the razing of 22 Arab homes.

A number of officials, including Defense Minister Ehud Barak, have claimed the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan construction plans were purposefully promoted at sensitive times by extreme rightists hoping to embarrass the prime minister.

Peace Now said in a statement, "The mayor of Jerusalem and his partners in the right wing continue to decide the facts on the ground and harm Israel's political status. Netanyahu must order Barkat to stop the construction in Sheikh Jarrah immediately."

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