Saturday, June 18, 2011

Institutionalized Antisemitism

Over at Harry's Place and Engage there have been extensive discussions of institutionalized racism and antisemitism, in the wake of the UCU decision that the EUMC working definition of antisemitism should in no way be used by the UCU. It seems to me that before us we have a really good example of institutionalized anti-semitism: the UN Human Rights Council. The five-year agenda of the council, which was just overwhelmingly approved by the UN General Assembly (no votes: US, Canada, Israel, and Palau) devotes "clause number seven to Israel while all other countries in the world – including Yemen, Syria, and Libya – are united under clause four, which describes human rights violations in the entire world."


  1. I think we have a really good example of Institutionalized antisemitism at the UCU. If the UCU is confused by the concept, they look no further than a mirror.

    Not that I'm arguing with you: The UNHRC is a gimme with respect to institutionalized antisemitism, and one could say the same thing about the UN as a whole.

  2. Agreed - both could learn something from the EUMC definition.