Monday, August 08, 2011

That apocalyptic feeling

It feels like a very strange time we're living in right now. The whole debt limit fiasco that happened last week, ended by what feels like it's mostly Obama's capitulation to the Tea Party Republicans (despite the pep talk that Jon Chait and people like him were giving us last week that the deal was also going to put the Republicans in a bind). I had thought that after that was ended, we could stop worrying about the economy for a little while - but no, the stock market is now taking us all for a wild ride, before and after the debt of the US has been downgraded (so what was that whole debt limit thing about anyway?). Are we headed for Great Recession 2.0, or do we get a Great Depression 2.0 because the Republicans are determined to push our economy further down?

I feel a real sense of hope about Israel, at least for a little while, because of the tent city protests there. At least there's activism, and movement - it's giving my friends in Israel hope. What would it take to create a movement like that in the US? Sometimes in Israel it feels like events can move on a dime - they happen all of a sudden, and there's a new situation. But Israel has a population of only 7 million - and we're so large. What would it take for us to make such a major shift?

And then - riots in London. What is going on there? I'm no expert on England, but it feels like it's coming utterly out of left field.

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