Friday, September 02, 2011

Endeavour Crater - on Mars

Another beautiful NASA photo, this time of Mars, not Earth. It was taken by the Mars rover Opportunity at the Endeavour Crater, just as it was entering the crater. For details, see Mars Rover’s Discovery Excites NASA Scientists.

When I visited the Negev this summer and saw the three large craters there, they looked like this (although they had life in them, which of course we can't see in this photo).


  1. Great pic!

    Off topic - on the right hand side of your blog there is a map of Israel with some Hebrew words beside it. What does the Hebrew mean? Thanks.

  2. It reads: "Buy the produce of the land" (literally) or "Buy Israeli products." The map is of Israel between 1949 and 1967 - I got it from a website that was protesting the recently passed Israeli "boycott law," which penalizes Israelis who call for a boycott of Israeli products and specifically includes in Israel the land gained in the 1967 war. So the slogan & map are calling for purchase of products from Israel proper, not from the settlements.