Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tu B'Shvat higiah טו בשבט הגיע

A few days ago I took some photos of flowers in the garden of my apartment, including a flowering almond tree. Wednesday was Tu B'Shvat (the 15th of the Hebrew month of Sh'vat, which is celebrated as the birthday of the trees when people go out and plant trees all over Israel). One of the songs that accompanies the holiday is about the flowering almond trees.

The almond tree is growing,
The bright sunshine is glowing,
The birds sing out with joyous glee,
From every roof and every tree.

Tu B’Shevat higiah, (Tu b’Shevat is coming,)
Chag la-ilanot. (The holiday of the trees.)
Tu B’Shevat higiah,
Chag la-ilanot. 

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