Saturday, March 24, 2012

A nuclear duck!

Hussein Ibish just tweeted:

Well, we are well into Saturday afternoon and no one seems to have compared Iran or Israel to a duck yet. What gives?

I tweeted back:

Did you see the cartoon for the Friday paper?

He just tweeted back:

No - URL? Please, please, please tell me it doesn't have a duck in it!!!!!

I tweeted back: 

Let me see if I can find it in the online edition. Yes, there was definitely a duck in it! (tongue in cheek).

And then I found the duck!:

In response he wrote these two tweets (quacks?):

OMG! Last straw. But will not run screaming naked down the street like that Koby2012 psycho Jason Russell -

I stand disgusted & corrected - Friday's Ha'aretz cartoon does indeed feature... A DUCK (kill me now!) - via

I'm not sure what's driving him so nuts about ducks, but he's very funny about it!

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  1. I like the absurdity of the meme. It looks like it has been churning for quite a while now, as far as memes go: