Monday, June 25, 2012

Second letter from Gita Falkon Kagan to my grandfather Mark Falcon Lesses

April 7, 1937

Dear Mark,

I received your letter from March 2 this year on the days of Pesach, when I was very busy because of the holidays. Although I did not have time to respond to you immediately I was very happy to hear about the birth of your son. We congratulate you and your lovely wife Helen - raise your kids only for joy and never know sorrow - we wish you all a joyful and happy life.

The Pesach holidays my husband and I spent pretty well, our children did not interfere, though they do not keep it. If you keep holidays - I also congratulate you with Pesach. My husband and I had a great desire to visit Uncle Falcon, but this unfortunately was not possible. How and where do you plan to spend this summer? How is Helen, has she recovered? How is your newborn son? What is his name? How is the oldest one?

News about you and your family pleased me extremely; I am glad to hear and to know about you.

My son has now graduated from a second institute. In 1922 he graduated and obtained his first diploma of Electrical Engineer. In order to expand his professional opportunities, he graduated from another institute and obtained a second diploma of Mechanical Engineer.

My son-in-law also graduated from an institute and obtained a diploma of Technological Engineer.

I personally regret that none of my children chose to become a doctor.

I wonder why your sister and my niece Gertrude never wrote me - isn't she interested in her father's relatives at all?

Per your request I am sending you a random homemade photo. There you can see me, my husband, and our youngest daughter Anna, who is working as an economist. The photo was cut off from a big group one that you would generally not be interested in.

Dear Mark, you write that as physician you cannot help me at a distance. I regret it very much, I would probably be your faithful and diligent patient.

Is there any hope for our meeting, will you visit us one day?

I am finishing my letter by wishing you all the best. Please write, do not forget about us.

Loving you and your family,

Aunt Gita

Sincere regards from my husband and children to you and your family.


I have the photo that Gita sent with this letter, but my scanner isn't working so I can't post it right now.

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