Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photos of the former Hansen hospital in Jerusalem

A couple of days after I arrived in Israel (June 10), I took a walk up to the former hospital for people with Hansen's disease (also, wrongly, called leprosy), which is opposite the Jerusalem Theater in Talbiyeh. I've passed many times over the years, and always thought it was both empty and closed to visitors. It turns out I was wrong - there were patients living there until 2000, and even after then, there was still an outpatient clinic for Hansen's patients. It has now been turned into a multimedia art center and there is a permanent exhibition about the time when it was a hospital. I went there for the "alternative book fair," which was being held last week at the same time as Hebrew Book Week, and included books from small presses and independent publishers. Below are some photos I took of the building and grounds.

Sign at the entrance of the hospital compound.

Strange video exhibit of girl/woman running around a circle, watched by the two figures in the photo below this one.

Reconstructed room in the hospital.

Photo from early 20th century of patients at the hospital

Renovated interior courtyard.

Another photo of the renovated courtyard.

Looking down from the front steps at people walking around during the book fair.

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