Thursday, October 30, 2014

Yehuda Glick, "Not your typical Temple Mount zealot"

An interesting portrayal of Yehuda Glick in Haaretz, by Roy Arad (Not your typical Temple Mount zealot).

Glick is an exceptional right-wing activist, who also befriends secular Jews and left-wingers, and recalled how he had spoken at an Ir Amim event. In contrast to Feiglin, who insists that visits to the Temple Mount should not be regarded as part of the discourse on human rights but rather as an issue of Israeli sovereignty, Glick views the matter as a question of freedom of worship for members of all religions, so he manages to reach a broader audience.

Before I left, after one of the speakers called him “King David” because of his flaming red hair, I shook his hand. We had become friends since Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely’s wedding, to which he came carrying dirt from the Temple Mount in his pocket. We talked about how he doesn’t arouse anger among the left and has no major enemies, and that it’s clearly a bad thing when people harass Jews or people of any religion when they try to pray at a place that is holy to them. 
“The Arabs know who to harm,” an activist close to Glick wrote me. “They did it to Minister Rehavam Zeevi [assassinated in 2001] and now to Yehuda Glick. Yehuda was actually on their side. I was always amazed at how he respected them.”

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