Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When Jews aren't white

Are Jews really white if white supremacists send out racist flyers with swastikas on them to colleges in the US? (Hacker Says He Printed Anti-Semitic and Racist Fliers at Colleges Across U.S. ).

"Weev," a racist computer hacker whose real name is Andrew Auernheimer, sent out the flyers to every publicly accessible printer in North America (I didn't even know there were publicly accessible printers), including at Princeton, UC Berkeley, Smith, Brown, UMass Amherst, and Mount Holyoke, among other places.
The fliers directed readers to The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. Mr. Auernheimer said free speech concerns were behind his printing spree. “My motivation is this: White cultures and only white cultures are subject to an invasion of foreigners.”
This is what the flier looked like:

Since the flier clearly differentiates between "the Jews" and the "white man," it's pretty clear that Mr. Auernheimer and his racist buddies at the Daily Stormer do not think that Jews are white. This is an old racist trope, holding the Jews responsible for everything that antisemites think is bad in America.
After the fliers appeared on Princeton University printers, the administration promised to try to “block any further messages.”
Some leaders of the black protests here said they saw a discrepancy between the university’s response to the fliers and what they saw as racism against black students in the past.
Almost a year ago, after Urban Congo, a student percussion group, performed on campus in loin cloths, which many on campus found offensive, the university’s president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, sent an email to the student body that affirmed the school’s commitment to free speech.

He reiterated that on a trip to India last week, when he told the Indian Express, “We think it’s very important for people be able to say what it is they want to say even if it’s offensive to the government or offensive to some of the other people on campus.”

Asanni York, a member of the Black Justice League, an activist group that led a sit-in in November that called for the removal of President Woodrow Wilson’s name from the campus because of his racist positions, said the university’s response to the fliers differed from past stances. “When it was happening to black students, it was a matter of free speech,” he said. “Now that it’s happening to white, Jewish students, it’s something else. There seems to be no conflation of hate speech and free speech now.”

A Princeton spokeswoman, Min Pullan, said the fliers were not a question of free speech. “External messages infiltrating our campus is a completely different matter. They are not two things that can be compared,” Ms. Pullan said.
One wonders if Mr. York actually paid any attention to what the flier said. Perhaps he thinks that Jews are white, but the white supremacists don't. They think of Jews as a separate race that controls the world.  As Yair Rosenberg said on Twitter,
This is a report from the Princeton student newspaper:
The printed posters at the University stated that the messages came from the Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website. Andrew Anglin, editor and founder of The Daily Stormer, said in an email interview with the Daily Princetonian that the fliers were sent by Andrew Auernheimer, a forum member of the Daily Stormer. Anglin described this member as a “White supremacist hacker.” 
In an email interview with the ‘Prince’, Auernheimer claimed responsibility for hacking the University’s and other universities’ networks. 
“The white race was a quarter of the world’s population a mere century ago. Now white women of childbearing age are 2%. We are undergoing a demographic collapse that is unfathomable,” Auernheimer wrote. He also said that his goal with the endeavor is promoting white supremacy. 
Manipulating the printers required no special technology, according to Auernheimer. He further noted that he is not targeting universities, but rather every publicly accessible printer on the Internet. 
According to University Assistant Vice President for Communications Daniel Day, Auernheimer’s actions did not constitute hacking in the sense that they did not breach security. 
Anglin alleged that there is a student group at the University with whom he has been working to distribute these messages. Anglin said that he is also actively involved in student groups at other Ivy League schools, given that these schools “have greater influence on society.” 
According to Anglin, the group at the University is allegedly attempting to establish a White Student Union to target the Jewish people who allegedly control the University. Anglin said that the student who is in charge of this group sent him a scan of his University ID card as proof of enrollment and racial identity and a photo of a meeting of the group, which had about 25 individuals present. 
The University student in charge of the white supremacist group told him that upwards of 200 people are presently involved in the organization, Anglin said. 
The existence of such groups has not been verified. 
Anglin declined to comment further on the identity of this student leader.


  1. http://rutgerspress.rutgers.edu/product/How-Jews-Became-White-Folks-and-What-That-Says-Abo,3228.aspx

    1. That's not an argument, it's a citation. I'm quite aware of the history of how Jews gradually became part of the "white American race," along with other European ethnic groups like Italians, Irish, or Poles. That doesn't mean that white racists like "Weev" agree that Jews are white (he clearly doesn't). Unlike other white ethnic groups, Jews can lose their "white" status in the eyes of racists, since Jews aren't Christians (obviously), and the American notion of the white race includes the unspoken assumption of Christianity. The idea that Jews are responsible for destroying "white" societies by bringing in non-white immigrants is common among Nazis like Weev.

  2. This is hacking because people outside the university should not have access to its resources for free -- it is larceny. I can barely speak right now with that example of modern hatred, stupidity, etc. It is something that one would expect to see in a history of Hitlerian Germany, though I do know there were equal pockets in the United States and innocent people were sacrificed on a political altar. I was only born in 1950; but, those deeds still make me physically sick that my country did not stand up for its Bill Of Rights.