Friday, September 28, 2018

Anger in my heart.

Anger. That's what's in my heart.

Dr. Ford's story of Brett Kavanaugh (ימח שמו) trying to rape her when he was 17 and she was 15.

The many stories of women who are speaking up now about how they were brutally raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, catcalled, groped at parties or in school hallways, were forced to listen to sexual jokes at work, in class, were laughed at by boys or men who mocked them, who called them sexual slurs.

And now, the old white men of the Senate who just have to have one of their own in the Supreme Court.

I believe that every man who still supports Kavanaugh for Supreme Court has something wrong with him.

Maybe he behaved the same way when he was in high school and he's trying to repress the memory and justify his actions to himself.

Maybe he finally sees the chance to bring back the full patriarchy in the US.

So that women can't have abortions when they're raped or when having a child will kill them.

So that birth control is no longer considered a right, so that any act of sexual intercourse could lead a child being born.

Wanting women to go back home, back to the kitchen, back to the back-alley abortionist.

To get back to the time when men were completely in control.

They're still so angry that Hillary Clinton had the chutzpah to run for president, much less get so close.

That's why I'm so angry.

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