Sunday, April 04, 2004

I am taking a break from finishing my Pesach cleaning. The kitchen floor still needs to be washed, the cat box needs to be cleaned out -- then it's time for bedikat hametz and a well-deserved rest.

And then there's matter of our weather. As I sit here in my study looking outside into the dim evening, it's snowing. And the snow has even left a little deposit on the ground. When spring will actually arrive in Ithaca this year, only God knows. So I will laugh cynically at the thought that Pesach is a springtime holiday. Before it started to snow I did see a couple of daffodils blooming...which are now covered with the white stuff.

Monday night I'm going to friends' for the first seder, and then on the second night a whole crew of people are coming to my house -- first seder I've hosted in many years. It should be fun.

So let me wish all of you, my many readers (hah!) a "hag sameach ve-kasher" -- a happy and kosher Pesach, enjoyable seders, and imagination in eating something other than matzah for the days of Pesach.

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