Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Daf Yomi

There seems to be a new phenomenon of people blogging on the Daf Yomi. I found this blog, Daf Am Haaretz, written by Neil Litt, former chair of the National Havurah Committee. And Kaspit frequently blogs on the Daf Yomi, especially as it relates to environmental issues. Reclaiming the Daf is a group blog on the Daf, which includes Kaspit.

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  1. Hi Rebecca. Thanks muchly for your comment! Gotten a number of visitors. But the link should be to my typepad weblog please. You've linked here and sidebar to my blogspot site, which is an experimental, pared down Orthodox version. Sorry if that's confusing. I'll post explanations today to clarify. Thanks again for your encouragement for this novice...