Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Protest vigil in Jerusalem

According to this report in Haaretz, about 350 people showed up tonight for the protest vigil against the stabbing at the Jerusalem gay pride rally.
Tuesday's demonstration was an expression of solidarity with the three marchers stabbed last Thursday at Jerusalem's gay pride parade. The slogan of the demonstration was "They tried to kill me because I am gay."

Approximately 350 demonstrators gathered Tuesday on King George Street in the capital across from the spot in which Schlisel stormed the parade. Demonstrators waved signs ("Jerusalem was destroyed by hatred" and "love thy enemies") and called for an end to homophobia, addressing Jerusalem's mayor Uri Lupolianski directly.

Chair of the Jerusalem Open House and organizer of the event Noa Sattath said, "There is a direct connection between the incitement that originated with the mayor and the stabbing... I don't understand how the mayor sleeps at night."


  1. I'm not in a very good position to judge, and I'm entirely aware of this, but 350 people doesn't strike me as, shall we say, as large as we'd prefer.

    This makes me sad.

    I'd be most curious and welcoming if you had any comment about "Kabbalah water", by the way. Since you are my expert advisor on such things.

  2. Yes, I was also hoping for a larger turnout (not that I could offer any help myself), but perhaps the short notice prevented people from coming.