Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Betrayed by Madoff, Yeshiva U. Adds a Lesson

I've started to think about planning my courses for next semester. One of them is an introductory course on Judaism, and I usually include a segment on Jewish ethics. Perhaps this time we should discuss business ethics according to Jewish teachings. Tomorrow's New York Times has an interesting article on the soul-searching going on at Yeshiva University in the wake of the Madoff scandal - Betrayed by Madoff, Yeshiva U. Adds a Lesson.

In Rabbi Benjamin Blech’s philosophy of Jewish law course, students pondered whether Jewish values had been distorted to reward material success.“This overrides everything else,” said Rabbi Blech, who has taught at Yeshiva for 42 years. “It is an opportunity to convey to students that ritual alone is not the sole determinant of our Judaism, that it must be combined with humanity, with ethical behavior, with proper values, and most important of all, with regard to our relationship with other human beings.”....

Rabbi Blech... said he, too, worried that community expectations had steered students away from public-service professions like teaching and toward more lucrative jobs.“In elevating to a level of demiworship people with big bucks, we have been destroying the values of our future generation,” he said. “We need a total rethinking of who the heroes are, who the role models are, who we should be honoring.”....

Rabbi Blech, for his part, turned to the Ten Commandments, noting that some focus on a person’s relationship with God, others on relationships with fellow human beings. He said that “both tablets are equally important.”

“Just because you eat kosher and observe the Sabbath does not make you good,” he explained. “If you cheat and steal, you cannot claim you are a good Jew.”


  1. Wow, I didn't even know about this! but then again, when was the last time I picked up a newspaper.

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  3. Huh? Why are these people living in Romania? Shouldn't they have a Nigerian address?

  4. Yes, I think so. I got a message like this to my Gmail account also. Ecological fertilizer.... could this be a statement on the worth of their "project"?

  5. Elie Wiesel was born in Romania. Did that make him a scammer? Listen, Amos, Rebecca, and anyone else with questions. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1957 and I met my wife here in Romania in 2006 while I was patiently waiting for our fascist President DumbAss to leave office. While I was here in Romania, I found that they had something that would benefit the world (not just the United States). In any case my offer costs you nothing but time and attention. We take into account that people need security. This is why we propose a Federal Court Trustee to handle any funds from Congress. If you don't want to try to get these projects funded then fine, but I ask you to at least get more information before you sit there and slander us. We are simply trying to help. That is all.

  6. Thomas, perhaps you should try marketing your product in a more conventional manner, rather than spamming comments on people's blogs.

    Please do not post any more to my comments - I will delete any comments from you from now on.