Thursday, January 01, 2009

Anti-war? Or pro-Hamas?

A photographer who goes by the name of redsquirrel08 has posted photographs of demonstrations in New York City that have occurred since the weekend to protest the Israeli attacks on Gaza. It is instructive to read the signs the demonstrators carried to determine how exactly they think about Jews and Israel, and what should occur in Gaza. Reading these slogans would cause one to have grave doubts that the demonstrators actually seek peace. Those represented in the demonstration include Al-Awda, the International Action Center (who, among other things, support the current government of North Korea; founded by Ramsey Clark), the Islamic Thinkers Society, Neturei Karta and some group called

The slogans from the “Free Palestine” rally in NYC Dec. 28 include:

ISO - picture of six babies, holding up their fists – “Free Palestine."

Al-Awda slogans – "Long Live in the Resistance in Gaza," "Stop Zionist Genocide in Gaza"; "Long Live the Palestinian Resistance, Break the Siege on Gaza Now"; "Stop the Christmas Massacre in Gaza"; “Free Palestine from the River to the Sea” with a drawing of Palestine in the colors of the Palestinian flag and a fist in front of it holding a key, “Gaza is Today’s Warsaw Ghetto”; "U.S.-‘Israel’: Hands Off Gaza" (the scare quotes around Israel I presume because it doesn't really exist).

Some handmade signs: “Free Palestine – One State with Rights of all” - This one has a drawing of a man knocking down a wall with a sledgehammer. “Another Jewish Mets fan against the Occupation"; a couple of home made signs saying “Might Does Not Make Right” and newsphotos from Gaza; "Collective Punishment is a war crime"; “We are all Palestinians”;“End U.S.-Israel Racist Atrocities” with a swastika. A woman wearing a shirt saying “Jews against the Occupation”; "Holy Innocents Herod at 1st Christmas, Israel 2008 in Gaza" (the old anti-semitism meets the new anti-semitism - Israel representing those who crucified Jesus, the Palestinians representing Jesus).

International Action Center: "Gaza’s Blood is on U.S. hands"

The signs from the Islamic Thinkers Society are the most violent - I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on these guys. Their website is revolting.
“God will send the Mushroom Cloud from the Sky on Israel”
“Allah will destroy the Terrorist State of Israel” with an Israeli flag below the words – inside the Star of David is a Swastika
“Israel does not exist – Palestine is Islamic Land, not Arab or Jewish land.”
“Who ever calls for Two State Solution is the Enemy of Islam and Muslims.”
“The Holocaust was a hoax” also has a very violent sign, showing a torso with an explosive belt on it, and the slogan, “May Allah Give Victory to the Islamic Resistance in Palestine,” and a drawing of an AK-47, also a slogan in Arabic. I certainly hope the FBI is keeping an eye on these folks also. The front page of their web site quotes Ayman al-Zawahari (no. 2 in Al-Qaeda) on the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

At another rally a couple of days later, which seems to have been sponsored by the same coalition of groups, there are some new signs printed by A.N.S.W.E.R. (connected to the International Action Center). Slogans include: "Free Palestine; support the right of return." Neturei Karta showed up again as well. There were also some people from the Green Party. A woman held a sign reading: "Apartheid: Wrong for South Africans, Wrong for Palestinians." Below it was the iconic painting of Barack Obama with the slogan, "Yes, we can. End U.S. military aid to Israel!"

There's a particularly disgusting sign - a photo of a mutiliated body, with the slogan, "What JEWS do to Palestinians and Iraqis."

And across the street from them, a pro-Israel rally - guys wearing kippot, Israeli flags, and some slogans in Arabic which I imagine are pro-Israel. Slogans include: "Stop Hamas Killers," "Hamas Stop Attacks." Also a sign - "Support the West Not Islam." Other signs: One with the slogan "If 15 rockets bombarded NYC daily, you'd be pretty pissed too." It also says "Stand with Israel in their right to defend their citizens." A sign in Hebrew: "The disengagement - terrible danger to Jews." On the top it says, "The Rebbe of Lubavitch, the King Messiah, warns." I think I saw this same sign last summer when I was in Israel, right after the terrorist attack on King David St. the last day I was in Jerusalem. A handmade sign: "Israel is dying for peace; Hamas and Hezbollah celebrate murder." I can't tell who organized this rally, which seems intended to counter the anti-Israel protestors.


  1. "Next year in al-Quds." How do you like that slogan? From all the slogans you describe in this post, that should be the most frightening because it's all slogans in one! It isn't used so much for demonstrations as it is chanted in daily Palestinian and pro Palestinian life. The nicest Palestinian you can find is chanting it. Of course it means that "they" are coming back. Does that frighten you? Does it frighten you that "they" never give up? Does it frighten you that the resistance movement is spreading like wildfire in non-Arab communities and building momentum around the world? What should really frighten you is the anti Jewish tone going along with it. I am not anti Jewish. But you know, once the tidal wave comes in all the rif raf will come with it. Jew haters are the worst rif raf ever. Zionism should have never happened. You should have never moved to Palestine. One day that's what you will tell yourself!

  2. oh excuse me, you are not in Israel! I read the posts and did not look at your photos! Cute neighborhood! Not occupied Palestine!