Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt ceiling news

Listening to President Obama now giving his speech on the debt ceiling. He's in professor mode. I like what he's saying, but would appreciate more passion. Perhaps a threat or two that there won't be Social Security payments if the debt ceiling isn't raised, and that the Republicans are to blame.

Now he's speaking against the Republican idea that the debt ceiling should be raised only for the next six months. "This is no way to run the greatest country on earth." Amen. Now he's speaking in support of Reid's proposal. "I'm confident we can reach this compromise" (between Democratic and Republican plans). I wish I felt as confident.

He's engaging in his sweet reasonableness, pro-compromise mode - but what do you do when the Republicans aren't interested in compromising?

"Americans voted for a divided government, but not for a dysfunctional government." Now he's asking for people to contact their representatives if they want a balanced approach.

Compromise as the American virtue. "Out of many, we are one."

"We remember the Americans who put country ahead of self."

"To form a more perfect union."

"The entire world is watching."

John Boehner is about to speak - not planning to listen to him too!

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