Monday, January 23, 2012

Listening to Janis Ian in Israel

I'm listening right now to a beautiful concert of Janis Ian on Galei Zahal (Israel army radio). She's singing in English, and talking between songs - with her words being translated by the broadcaster. She just sang her hit, "At Seventeen," there was a lot of applause, and now she's singing the encore. One of the things she talked about earlier was going to Toronto for a science fiction conference and deciding to get married to her girlfriend there! Oh, I'd love to be at the concert!


  1. She's loved sf fandom and Worldcon, etc., since finding it a few years ago, as you know.

    The SFWA version of At 17:

  2. As I know? No, I don't know, since I don't follow fandom anymore.

  3. I'd rather tentatively presume you know something than presume you don't. :-)