Monday, January 16, 2012

Sima Shlosberg

This is a photograph of Sima Shlosberg, whose letters my grandfather Mark Falcon Lesses received during the 1930s into the beginning of 1940. For the text of the letters, see - sent the photograph with one of her letters to my grandfather.


  1. I have Sima in the family tree, but how is she related again?

  2. She is a cousin of our great-uncle Mordechai Falkon from Libau, through the Dembo side (a couple of generations up from Mordechai). I'd have to look it up again to figure out how exactly they were related.

  3. The closest relative of Sima is her niece
    Raisa Matison who currently resides in Köln, Germany

    1. Thank you. I've corresponded with her a couple of times. Are you a friend or relative of Raisa's?