Monday, July 30, 2012

Old City photos from the Phasael Tower.

I went to the Old City today, hoping to get up to the Temple Mount, but it was closed in the afternoon to visitors because of Ramadan. I did get some great photos, however, from the Phasael tower at the Citadel. The Phasael tower was originally built by Herod the Great, and you can still see the massive Herodian-era stones on the lower levels of the tower. I went to visit the City of Jerusalem museum at the Citadel and went through the whole exhibit on the history of Jerusalem.  Below are some of my photos.

Chihuly glass sculpture at the entrance to the museum.

Looking over the rooftops of the Old City towards the cemetery on the Mt. of Olives.

The Pool of Zechariah, in the Christian Quarter, used to be filled with water and served as a reservoir for people in the Quarter.

Dome of the Rock from the Phasael Tower - notice the tents set up to shelter worshipers during Ramadan from the burning sun of July and August.

Dome of a church - I'm not sure which one.

Mt. of Olives cemetery; above is the Intercontinental Hotel (which I think has a different name now).

The grey dome on the left may belong to the Holy Sepulchre, I'm not sure.

Imperial Hotel, in Umar ibn al-Kuttab Square, just inside the Jaffa Gate.

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