Monday, December 28, 2015

One suspect in the Dawabshe murders has been released, two more may be charged this week

According to the Times of Israel (getting their information from Israel Radio), one of the suspects in the Dawabshe murders has been released. They didn't reveal the name.

An article in the Jewish Press also discusses the release of this suspect, giving the perspective of Honenu, the right-wing organization that defends civilians and soldiers accused of offenses against Palestinians.

Update: Chaim Levinson of Haaretz has a more complete report:
The Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court on Monday released one of the suspects in the so-called "Jewish terror" case to house arrest, after all the more serious suspicions against him proved baseless. 
Police said they planned to indict him for assaulting Palestinians. 
The suspect, 18, who frequented the Baladim outpost near the West Bank's Kochav Hashachar settlement, was arrested a month ago by the Shin Bet and was blocked from meeting with his lawyer for 18 days. 
He was questioned on suspicion he was involved in the Duma arson attack that killed three members of the Dawabsheh family, but after a month of interrogation the case against him fizzled out.  
However, during questioning it emerged that the youth had been involved in a scuffle two years ago in which he and others beat a Palestinian man near the outpost. 
Police submitted an intent-to-prosecute declaration and asked to extend his remand until he was charged, but the court rejected the request and sent the youth to house arrest. Police have appealed his release to the district court. 
Two intent-to-prosecute declarations were meant to be issued Monday against the main Duma suspect and another suspect, but they were not submitted in the end and their remands were extended for two days. Prosecutors were still debating whether the second suspect can be charged with murder for his small role in the incident.
Further update:

According to Ran Dahan on his Facebook page, Hanoch Ganiram has been released to 10 days of house arrest. He did not confess to the arson and murder in Duma. Odess and Amiram are being held in remand until Wednesday.

I don't know who Ran Dahan is and whether his information is reliable, but it does fit the other articles that I've read.

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