Sunday, December 27, 2015

Who murdered the Dawabshe family last summer?

Electronic Intifada is not my favorite source, but they have reported the names of the two young men who have been arrested for the murders of the Dawabshe family - Hanoch Ganiram (who is over 18) and Elisha Odess (age 16). The Forward confirms that one of those arrested is Odess.

Elisha Odess
The Facebook page for כולנו עם עצורי ציון announced on November 30 that Ganiram and Odess had been arrested.

"Take counsel together, and it shall be brought to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand."

Hey gang!! Elisha Odess and Hanoch Ganiram have been arrested for arson in Duma! The Zionists are trying to use all their power to break them! We are trying to organise a 24-hour retreat for their success. 

The Times of Israel has posted a list from the Facebook page כולנו עם עצורי ציון ("We are all with the prisoners of Zion"), which shows the names of many men who have been arrested. Some are being held in administrative detention, some have been arrested and are being charged, some are being interrogated by the Shin Bet, and some are in prison. The first names and names of their mothers are given, because this is a list of people that they think we should pray for.

The two men named by Electronic Intifada are among the list of seven men being interrogated by the Shin Bet - חנוך בן חסיה ענת and אלישע חיים בן נעמה לאה. Hanoch Ganiram is the grandson of Yitzhak Ganiram, who was involved in the Jewish Underground in the early 1980s. Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam (another source I would usually find unreliable) is reporting that two other people have also been arrested, one of whom is Amiram Benoliel and the other is Israel Keller (Ynet reported that Nir Keller, the father of Israel Keller, wrote a post on his Facebook page condemning President Ruvi Rivlin as the "Fuhrer." Ynet doesn't name him, but Richard Edmondson does). It seems likely that they correspond to עמירם בן נורית and ישראל דב בער בן ברכה הילה. Silverstein has also reported that another person has been arrested in connection with this case - Tzur Israel Bengusi, whose name would correspond to צור ישראל בן דליה in the list below. It's only because the names that Silverstein is giving correspond to the names in this list that I'm using him as a source.

We will know for certain once they've been indicted, which will be soon, I hope. This investigation has dragged on for months.

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