Sunday, December 11, 2016

Donald Trump didn't need Steve Bannon to be attracted to the so-called alt right

In case you mistakenly thought that Donald Trump has nothing to do with the so-called alt right, see this article from Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs from a year ago, on November 22, 2015: We Found Where Donald Trump's "Black Crimes" Graphic Came From.

Trump tweeted a link to this image (which is completely untrue, by the way):

Charles Johnson discovered that the first appearance of this image on Twitter came from a user named "Non Dildo'd Goyim," who said in his bio, "Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache." (Hitler, obviously). The avatar of this person was: 

According to Johnson, this image is a modified swastika and during the Nazi era was the symbol of the so-called German Faith Movement.

As Johnson said then:
So there you have it. Donald Trump is posting racist imagery that comes directly from neo-Nazis. 
I hope you’re not surprised that a guy like Donald Trump, who continually spouts fascist rhetoric, is attracted to fascist memes posted by neo-Nazis. This is where the right wing has ended up in 2015.
As you can see, Trump tweeted a link to the image on Twitter. The image itself is no longer accessible through Twitter - Johnson got a screenshot of it.

I thought it would be interesting to see who the other people mentioned are.

@SeanSean252's bio reads: "Time to put boot on back of the lefty socialists! No meeting in the middle! We are right and they're wrong period!" He's currently bashing Senator John McCain for asking for an investigation into Russian interference in the election. He quotes Infowars, yet decries the New York Times as a source of fake news. He also quoted someone who said, "The constant hatred against whites is truly astounding. When will you admit racism exists on both sides?"

The Wayne Dupree Show is Black and a member of the "National Diversity Coalition For Trump."

Rockprincess818 thinks that Trump shouldn't have to divest himself of his businesses at all. She also just retweeted this message from someone with the handle MelissaJaneSays:

@MelissaJaneSays is an outright antisemite who has tweeted many messages like this:

Cherie Jacobus, on the other hand, appears to be a sane human being. This is her bio: "GOP consultant, TV pundit, wrote for The Hill, The Guardian. Ran campaigns, worked on Capitol Hill, RNC, adjunct professor GWU Grad School of Political Mgmt." Her recent tweets are all about the Russian attempt to interfere in the US election. This is a recent tweet from her:

So three of the four people mentioned in Trump's tweet are supporters of his, while another appears to be a journalist/adjunct professor who is bitterly critical of Trump. Two of Trump's three supporters are clearly racist and antisemitic. Trump's tweet is from November 11, 2015 - long before Steve Bannon joined his campaign. 

Remember this when people try to claim that Trump isn't connected to antisemites and racists.

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