Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump's Budget Director Pick Spoke at a John Birch Society Event

Mick Mulvaney, whom Trump has picked to be his budget director, made a speech in July, 2016, to a chapter of the John Birch Society. According to Mother Jones:
In the speech, Mulvaney blasted the Federal Reserve, saying its actions have "effectively devalued the dollar" and "choke[d] off economic growth." He praised bitcoin as a currency that is "not manipulatable by any government." He told his audience, "You all put out some really good stuff and it's always interesting." He said he was "looking forward to reading The Shadows of Power," a 1988 book by James Perloff with the subtitle "The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline." The book advances conspiracy theories about the New York-based think tank, alleging that it advocates "the creation of a world government." After referring to this book, he told the crowd, "Keep doing it."
This is not normal.

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