Monday, January 02, 2017

Gerry Adams: Jesus is a Palestinian

According to Gerry Adams, president of the Sinn Fein party in the Republic of Ireland, Jesus is a Palestinian.

He writes, in a nauseatingly sentimental tone:
I like the story of Christmas. A homeless pregnant single mother and her older kindly partner looking for a place to stay. They famously end up in a stable. Probably a smelly little cave. That’s where baby Jesus was born. No grand palace, big mansion or fancy castle. 

And Jesus was not blue eyed or blond haired. Jesus is a Palestinian. So, he probably was a little swarthy skinned black haired wee lad. Just like three year old Aylan Kurdi lying drowned on a beach in Turkey or other wee kids we see on television fleeing war and poverty and being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea, or scrambling for food in a refugee camp or playing in a bomb site in Gaza city.
Where did Adams get this peculiar idea from? Probably from the Palestinian national leadership, which has been propagating it for a while.

The president of the Palestinian Authority has claimed Jesus for the Palestinian cause. Mahmoud Abbas has described Jesus as a "Palestinian messenger" and Saeb Erekat, the PA's chief negotiator, called Jesus "Palestine's first martyr" and said that he was "the first Palestinian after the Canaanite Palestinians."

Erekat's strange theology therefore separates Jesus from the people that he actually came from, Jews, and claims him for the contemporary Palestinian cause - even though the land in which he was born was only named Palestine by the Romans long after the death of Jesus.


  1. GAG. There were NO Palestinians in Judea says the ancient historian.

  2. Yes, since it wasn't the name of the land!

    There had been Philistines (living along the coast), but not by the first century CE.