Monday, February 20, 2017

Eleven JCCs threatened today. Jewish tombstones vandalized in Missouri.

Antisemitic incidents of the last few days:

Today, February 20: In University City, Missouri, over a hundred gravestones in the Jewish cemetery Chesed shel Emeth were knocked over.

Also today, eleven Jewish Community Centers received telephoned bomb threats, apparently from the same person or persons who has previously made these phone calls. This is the fourth time in five weeks that the threats have been phoned in. The JCCs affected were in Birmingham, Alabama; Tampa, Florida; Hyde Park JCC in Chicago; Sabes JCC in Minneapolis; Albuquerque, New Mexico; JCC of Greater Buffalo, New York; Mandel JCC of Cleveland; Jewish Federation of Tulsa, OK; Nashville, TN; Evelyn Rubenstein JCC of Houston; and the JCC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ivanka Trump actually Tweeted about it, although it would have been nice if she had actually used the word "Jewish."
This was the response from Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, after being asked about these incidents by Peter Alexander of NBC. He did not mention the fact that Jewish community centers were threatened, nor did he use the word antisemitic. Just note: if this had been the response of the Obama White House there would have been howls of protest from the establishment Jewish community and from right-wing Jews.

February 17: From Idan Cohen of the University of Minnesota: Daily Stormer antisemitic posters were posted in several places on campus. An example:

February 16: Swastikas and antisemitic notes were left at multiple homes and a Chabad center in Oak Park, California.
The search is on for several suspects caught on camera leaving cards with swastikas, anti-Semitic threats and derogatory messages at multiple homes and a Chabad in an Oak Park neighborhood. 
According to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to several calls of service regarding the notes on Feb. 11. 
The sheriff's office said it has created a special task force and is collaborating with federal law enforcement agencies to catch the culprits. 
The notes were placed on the front doors of seven homes, left on a car as well as the Chabad of Oak Park. Investigators said with the exception of the Chabad, the notes appeared to be randomly placed and did not specifically target Jewish residents. 
The suspects were caught on surveillance video. Based on the footage, authorities believe there are at least four male suspects involved. They were described to be teens who likely live in the area.

February 9: Also at UMinn: 
A dry-erase board inside the University of Minnesota dorm room of freshman Avi Shaver was marked with a swastika and depiction of a concentration camp. Shaver posted the photo to his Facebook when he returned to his room at around 1 a.m., Thursday. The drawing includes the slogan “Work Will Set You Free,” which, in German, is above the entrance to Auschwitz. (Photo below is from Avi Shaver's FB page).

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