Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What is President Trump's true relation to Russia?

From Josh Marshal -
Step back for a second and look at this. While certainties are hard to come by, it seems clear that Russia broke into computer networks and selectively released private emails to damage Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump. When President Obama took a series of actions to punish the Russian government for this interference, President-Elect Trump's top foreign policy advisor made a series of calls to the Russian government's representative in the United States to ask him to have his government refrain from retaliation and suggested that the punishments could be lifted once the new government was sworn in. Then he lied about the calls both publicly and apparently within the White House. What has gotten lost in this discussion is that these questionable calls were aimed at blunting the punishment meted out for the election interference that helped Donald Trump become President. This is mind-boggling. 
Consider another point. 
Through the course of the campaign, transition and presidency, three top Trump advisors and staffers have had to resign because of issues tied to Russia. Paul Manafort, Carter Page and now Michael Flynn. Page might arguably be termed a secondary figure. Manafort ran Trump's campaign and Flynn was his top foreign policy advisor for a year. The one common denominator between all these events, all these men is one person: Donald Trump. 
As I said above, this has all been happening before our eyes, the train of inexplicable actions, the unaccountable ties and monetary connections, the willful, almost inexplicable need to make the case for Vladimir Putin even when the President knows the suspicion he's under. When I was writing my first post on this topic more than 6 months ago, I had the uncanny feeling of finding what I was writing impossible to believe as I wrote it. And yet, I would go through the list of unexplained occurrences and actions, clear business and political connections, sycophantic support and more and realize there was too much evidence to ignore. It was fantastical and yet in plain sight.

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  1. Yes! I've followed the Soviet Union closely since I was in college (late 1960s, early 1970s). Since the break-up there has been a strong pull toward Stalinism by former KGB officers. Putin is former KGB. There have been so many "liquidations" of foes that it is obvious that he wants to reinstall Stalin-style tyranny. Trump is a DSM-V Axis II case book of personality disorders who needs people to feed into his massive ego. He does NOT care if they are a threat to this country. Putin right now is feeding this ego by having helped him rig the election along with Comey of the FBI. We are probably seeing the worst corruption in the entire history of our nation.