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Louis Farrakhan and leaders of the Women's March

Update - see the link to a couple of other good articles on the Third Narrative site:

Jake Tapper today sent a series of tweets on the annual "Saviours' Day" address of Louis Farrakhan, the antisemitic and racist leader of the Nation of Islam. He spoke on February 25. It turns out that one of the co-chairs of the Women's March, Tamika Mallory, attended the speech and even received a shout-out from Farrakhan from the stage. Two other Women's March leaders, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez, "have also praised and appeared at events with Farrakhan."

If we're going to call out the antisemitism of Donald Trump's alt-right fan club (which he gives a pass to), we should also call out the antisemitism that leaders of the Women's March are giving a pass to. I don't regret having gone to the Women's March last year (here in Ithaca), but after reading quite a bit about Linda Sarsour (especially her support for BDS) and now these two other Women's March leaders, I find it shocking that their relationship with Farrakhan has not been seriously questioned, much less criticized. I'm glad that Jake Tapper, who works for CNN, has brought this out in the open to a larger audience than the Jewish press (Tablet and the Forward).

Some of the lowlights of Farrakhan's speech:
In his opening remarks, he insisted that he is not an anti-Semite, but rather a truth teller, adding that the “powerful Jews are my enemy.” Apparently to illustrate that point, he remarked that when evangelist Billy Graham met with President Nixon, Graham warned Nixon about Jewish power, and told the President he was popular with Jewish voters only because he supported Israel.

In typical fashion, Farrakhan devoted a lot of time to talking about doing the work of Jesus by denouncing the Jews, saying that Jesus called the Jews children of the devil. He continued: “Jesus two thousand years ago never taught black people, he never taught in Egypt, he never taught in Africa, he only taught in Palestine. He was not sent to black people. He was sent to the Jews, the House of Israel to warn them of the end of their civilization.” 
Farrakhan views himself as the modern-day Jesus coming to warn “the good Jews,” telling the audience that “Satan is going down. Farrakhan has pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through. You good Jews better separate because the satanic ones will take you to hell with them because that’s where they are headed.” 
Farrakhan also promoted the anti-Semitic conspiracy trope that Jews control the government and Hollywood. He told the crowd that the “white people running Mexico are Mexican-Jews,” and went on to say that Ukraine, France, Poland and Germany are controlled by Jews who “take on the culture, the money, the business” of those countries. 
He told the audience, “the Jews have control over those agencies of government,” particularly the FBI, and in life “when you want something in this world, the Jew holds the door.” He claimed that Jewish people are the ones responsible for the “degenerate behavior in Hollywood turning men into women and women into men,” and that Jews are “the mother and father of apartheid.” He also promoted the “Pot Plot” conspiracy that the Jews and the US government are manipulating strains of marijuana to feminize black men. “God did not create man to lay with man. But you are being chemically programmed against your nature, you don’t know it.” 
He even mentioned the Women’s March, saying that while he thought the event was a good thing, women need to learn how to cook so their husbands don’t become obese. Tamika Mallory, one of the March organizers, was in the audience, and got a special shout-out from Farrakhan. Mallory posted two Instagram photos from the event, which Carmen Perez, another Women’s March organizer, commented on with “raise the roof” emojis.
More on the speech and Mallory's connection to Farrakhan (from CNN):
Women's March co-chair Tamika Mallory was in attendance, CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out on Twitter after she shared an image from the event on Instagram. 
Mallory has posted on social media about Farrakhan in the past -- on February 21, 2016, she posted an image of him from a stage at the Joe Louis Arena with the caption: "The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan just stepped to the mic for #SD16DET... I'm super ready for this message! #JUSTICEORELSE #ForTheLoveOfFlint."Mallory did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment on Sunday's speech. 
The Nation of Islam is a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its "deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric," and its primary teaching promotes black racial superiority. 

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  1. Thank you again for bringing the arrant hypocrisy of the far-far left to our attention yet again. I am left in my politics, especially now. However, I completely disassociate myself with the PC types and the further left wack-a-doodles. They do not know how to think logically. They are as bad as the alt-right.