Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Antisemitic postings on FB group Labour Party Supporter

I joined the Facebook group "Labour Party Supporter," which Jeremy Corbyn used to be a member of (he's not anymore, although he was a member for seven years). The group is rife with antisemitic postings, which are sometimes challenged by members of the group and other times are defended. Here are some examples (with names of posters removed):

This is the antisemitic mural by Mear One that was removed several years ago, but which came up once again recently because it was discovered that Corbyn had written a comment on it that did not note in any way how antisemitic it was. One member of the group asked "Is the Jewish State like (Russia on the USA) conducting an attack on the Labour Party?"

This is a comment posted on a discussion about the mural.

One of the admins posted a link to a blatantly antisemitic Youtube video:

This same admin Sheem Bari, identifies himself on his Facebook profile as a "campaign manager at the Labour Party." I wonder why he's still a campaign manager after posting such vile antisemitism, since the party is supposed to be kicking out its antisemitic members.

On his own page he posted some other unambiguously antisemitic material. He's a fan of David Icke.

Another member posted an FB post from George Galloway, who has been expelled from the Labour Party, and who typically said it's all about Palestine:

Another member posted from the vile Tony Greenstein. She's posted other items from his blog as well (as have other members of the group). He's also been kicked out of the Labour Party.

One of the moderators posted a statement from the Jewish Voice for Labour group, inviting people to their Monday counter-demonstration.

He also posted this question about the infamous mural:

Another member put up a blog post from Tony Greenstein, this time an attempt by Greenstein to deny Adam Bull's antisemitism and Holocaust denialism (which Bull has been suspended from Labour for).

And on and on. How did Corbyn manage to be in this group for 7 years and not notice the blatant antisemitism?

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