Sunday, April 01, 2018

More antisemitism from "The Labour Party Supporter" Facebook page.

It's just astonishing to see how many posts can be made to a Facebook page called "The Labour Party Supporter" that are blatantly antisemitic. The people who post to the page seem far more enthusiastic about attacking Jews than they do about helping or supporting Palestinians. If their focus was on criticizing Israel for what is does to hurt Palestinians, I would find that much more understandable - even if I wouldn't always agree with them. But being anti-Jewish is obviously far more compelling to the active members of the page.

And just to remind you all - this is the Facebook group that Jeremy Corbyn signed up to himself.

I was just kicked out of the group, but I still have screenshots of antisemitic posts from several members, Sheem Bari, Dara Miah, and Keith Everson - for them, see below.

Sheem Bari, apparently to celebrate Easter, has posted a series of antisemitic Youtube videos about how the Jews killed Jesus.

Sheem Bari always seems to think that the Jews control the Labour Party. Bari wants to kick all the Jews out of the Labor Party and not talk about the Holocaust. (Despite the fact that Bari has stated this, she has posted several links to articles about the supposed Muslim Holocaust.

Dara Miah, a frequent poster, is always going on about "Zionist Terrorists" and "Child Abusers" who "attack Islam." Dara never engages in a bit of introspection to wonder why he hates Jews.

And finally, Keith Everson has posted several times on the mural that Jeremy Corbyn did not originally recognize as antisemitic. Apparently he's having the same problem.

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