Tuesday, August 19, 2003

So the Zayed Center in the United Arab Emirates may be closing, a development that Arab League thinks would be a "great loss" (for details, see: Arab League: Zayed Center closure would be 'great loss.' This is the same center highlighted last year by a Los Angeles Times article for its conference on "Semitism" -- i.e., the evil entity that anti-Semites oppose, the Jews. For more information on the Zayed Center and its anti-Jewish activities, see the web site of Morality Not Money, set up last year by Rachel Fish, a graduate student at the Harvard Divinity School. The Zayed Center came to her attention because Sheik Zayed of the Emirates (after whom the center is named) has also given money to the Divinity School for a chair in Islamic Studies. She questioned the wisdom of accepting this money, given the anti-Jewish and anti-American speakers and conferences organized by the center. At the Divinity School graduation in June, when she received her diploma from HDS Dean William Graham, she handed to him a dossier of information about the Zayed Center and Sheik Zayed's connection to it.

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