Tuesday, June 08, 2004

This story from the AP reports that Western Airliners May Be al-Qaida Target. But why o why does it persist in calling the al Qaida terrorists "militants," for example in this paragraph, "Militants have stepped up attacks on foreigners in Saudi Arabia in past weeks, most recently in a shooting Sunday that killed an Irish cameraman and wounded a British Broadcasting Corp. reporter." The article is willing to call al Qaida "the terror network," so wouldn't it make sense that those who belong to the "terror network" would be terrorists? And isn't the essence of terrorism to attack and kill civilians, as occurred in this latest attack? There's such a thing as being *too careful* in one's speech.

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  1. Using the term terrorists would lend something to their efforts. I agree militants lends them some political credibility as well but it clearly labels their desires as political as oppose to religious. Every aspect of the Jihad is politically motivated. Man makes war, not God. JoeMatlock.com