Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well, at least this is happening in regard to Darfur: Powell and Annan See Hints of Disaster in Sudan. The Bush Administration is now circulating a draft of a Security Council resolution on Darfur:

To push Khartoum, the Bush administration began circulating a proposed resolution among members of the Security Council on Wednesday, calling for a travel ban and an arms embargo on the Janjaweed. American diplomats said that, for the moment, the resolution was the subject of informal consultation aimed at producing final language next week. The draft calls on member states to prevent any military equipment or arms from reaching the Janjaweed and to make sure that no militia members enter or travel through other countries. It calls on the government to fulfill commitments it has made to stop all military attacks in Darfur; "disarm and neutralize" the Janjaweed; protect civilians, particularly those in camps for the displaced; end restrictions on the access of aid to the area and begin investigating violations of international humanitarian law.

According to an NPR report I heard earlier this day, the Sudanese government is denying that there is the threat of widespread famine in Darfur. When questioned by the NPR reporter, Secretary Powell danced around the issue of whether to call what is happening there "genocide."

So is any of this going to do any good?

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