Thursday, August 04, 2005

IDF, police fear riots in wake of Shfaram shooting

And now this - Deserter from IDF kills four Arabs on a bus in Shfaram, in northern Israel. "A Jewish Israeli man in an Israel Defense Forces uniform opened fire on passengers on a bus in a Druze neighborhood of the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram Thursday afternoon, killing four people and wounding 12. The gunman was killed by a mob that boarded the bus after the shooting."

Israel Prime Minister Sharon denounced the deed with these words: "a sinful act by a bloodthirsty terrorist." The murderer lived in the settlement of Tapuah in the West Bank - a settlement "dominated by followers of U.S.-born Rabbi Meir Kahane, who believed in expelling Arabs from Israel and the West Bank."


  1. I am so horrified by this.

    Some days it's really hard to remain optimistic about the world.

  2. GETTING RID OF ALL THE aRABS WILL STILL NOT BRING PEACE TO iSRAEL.aS LONG AS THE STREETS ARE OPEN TO TRAFFIC ON SHABBOS THERE WILL BE NO PEACE.G-d warns in the Torah as long as you violate my laws there will be no peace.No Shabbos no peace.At my blog I tell it like it is.Heshys

  3. Oh, come on Heshy! Please, do not spread your limited view of middah ke-neged middah on my blog as well!

    thank you, Rachel. I agree.