Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Settlers set IDF troop transport ablaze in West Bank

It's sounding like the pullout from the four West Bank settlements is going to be toughter to execute than in Gaza. A recent incident, Settlers set IDF troop transport ablaze in West Bank, provides further evidence. This picture, from the AP, of "settlers attempting to destroy the minaret of an old mosque located inside Sa-Nur on Monday," shows further their lack of respect for their Palestinian neighbors. (One also has to wonder why Sa-Nur was built on that particular location). Other actions by settlers against Palestinians included:
On the eve of the evacuation of the northern West Bank settlements of Sa-Nur and Homesh, settlers before dawn on Monday vandalized property in at least eight Palestinian villages in the region, Palestinian witnesses said. In some instances, settlers reportedly marched through the villages with the aim of infiltrating Sa-Nur and Homesh, areas that have been sealed by security forces in the lead up to the evacuation. In other instances, the settlers reportedly entered the Palestinian villages with the sole aim of vandalizing property. Palestinian sources confirmed property was damaged but said there were no casualties.

In a separate incident, two Palestinians were lightly wounded late Monday evening when settlers threw stones at them near the Eli settlement located east of Ariel in the West Bank. Palestinians in Fendaqumiyah, located adjacent to Homesh, said armed settlers rode through the village before dawn Sunday on all-terrain vehicles, firing their weapons in the air. Sources said settlers also entered the villages of Kuchin and Madmah, located south of Nablus. Settlers in those villages threw stones and bottles at house windows and at cars.

Additional incidents were reported in Bazariyah, Burqa and Sabastiyah, located next to Karnei Shomron. Overnight Sunday, settlers reportedly took over a Palestinian family home in the village of Burqa and kicked the residents out for an hour as they destroyed furniture and smashed windows. Settlers also reportedly threw stones at residents in the village of Jit, located next to Kedumim. There were no casualties. The overnight incidents join other recent violent attacks on Palestinians, including the terror killing of four Palestinians laborers by a settler in the Shilo industrial area.

On another point, Amira Hass in Haaretz points out the human cost to Palestinians living near Netzarim, in the Gaza Strip, the last Gaza settlement to be evacuated. When it was evacuated, there were 80 veteran families and 20 families of newcomers living there. She says, "Netzarim is 114 people killed, including 17 children; 1,915 dunams of destroyed vineyards and fields; and 105 houses that were demolished and another 35 partially torn down." In another article I read today, 17 Israeli soldiers were killed over the years defending Netzarim from Palestinian attacks of various kinds. And were all these deaths worth it? I don't think so.


  1. You write: "17 Israeli soldiers were killed over the years defending Netzarim from Palestinian attacks of various kinds. And were all these deaths worth it? I don't think so".

    Can you define when it is worth it for a soldier (or anyone) to be killed for being a Jew living in the Land / State of Israel?

    If someone is murdered in Jerusalem, is it worth it? Tel Aviv?

    Sadly, the Arabs have shown that they are not willing to accept a Jewish presence anywhere in the Land of Israel, and are willing to kill jews everywhere and anywhere to make that point perfectly clear.

    Perhaps, if instead of retreating from terror we would fight it, the Arabs would learn to accept the fact that we aren't going anywhere. Sadly, everytime we retreat, it just gives the oppostie message.

  2. It seems to me that Israel has spent the last five years fighting Arab terror, at a large mutual cost in blood. I don't think it will be possible, ever, to completely stop terrorism against Israelis, whether by territorial compromise, the establishment of a Palestinian state, or an even more bloody battle against the terrorist organizations. What I do think is possible is to lessen the number of people attracted to join those organizations, by the establishment of a Palestinian state that will satisfy the aspirations of ordinary Palestinians to a decent life where they can raise their children, and go to work and school peacefully, without being unmercifully harassed by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

  3. Rebecca, how will the establishment of a "Palestinian" State discourage people from joining terror groups, when all the credit given for every Israeli retreat is given to the "holy martyrs"??? And, if as you say, the terror will never stop, then why not allow Jews to live as Jews freely in the Land of Israel.

    Do you feel that it is better to throw a Jew out of his home than to actively and without hesitation fight terror?

    If we have to live with terror, than I choose to live with it in Gush Katif and the Shomron.