Friday, July 14, 2006

A lighter note

In the middle of the rotten news from Israel and Lebanon: more Katyushas landing in northern Israel - a residential building hit in Safed, another one in Nahariyah (several people seriously injured); continued Israeli bombing in Lebanon, including again on the Beirut airport and on a base of the Palestinian terror group PFLP-CG which is only 2 km from Syria; thousands of Lebanese fleeing the south because of the Israeli attacks; at least 60 Lebanese killed thus far - a lighter note.

A couple of days ago, a multicolored van pulled up across the street, and several shaggy guys filed out. On one side of the van was painted the title The Jugtown Pirates. They greeted my neighbors with hugs, and then later on in the evening I heard the sound of (acoustic) guitars playing from the house across the street. Yesterday the van was gone all evening, only coming in around midnight. They appear to have just left for another gig. I just snapped a photo of them from my window:

From their website, it appears that they're a jugtown band in Vermont.

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